Intervews Freddie About August 1st Late Planting of Frost Protected Soybeans, Farmer had to deal with Late planting, Deer and More Deer, 29 Degree Temperature, Frost and More Nights of November Frost! But the Farmer got a Christmas Cutting.

Steve: We're standing here this morning with Freddie, we're standing out here in a bean field here and Freddie was the first one to start using our Soysoap product here and Fred's been using it for three years now and he's got some tremendous results, with our Soysoap and everything here and Freddie we're standing here in this field tell me what is unique about this field here this morning.

Freddie: We planted early and the beans didn't come up and always so dry and so we planted a bunch of beans over some and it was getting so late and all, it was almost the last of July and I said well I'm going to try something this year I'm going to plant some of these beans late and see if I can spray them with Soysoap and make them mature and everything before they frost on. So we planted them August 1st and they we're sprayed them twice with the Soysoap while they was growing and they really growed and took off and about the time they got ready to start fading they podded and it was time for frost and it was getting down to 29 and so we run and sprayed them again the night before with the Soysoap and it kept them green and all where they the leaves stayed on and this is November the what 22?

Steve: This is November the 22nd.

Freddie: Yeah November 22nd and they're still green and all and we've had several frosts since then and all and the beans has gotten mature. And all they make 45, 30 bushes of acre and they were sprayed August 1st.

Steve: And before you came in and sprayed the kind of frost proof them. What shape were the pods when you got here?

Freddie: They was just flat, they you could tell a bean was in there but it was the pod was so flat that there were nothing there and we sprayed them and they stayed green and it didn't frost for about two weeks and they filled out and they are pretty good beans.

Steve: You had frost after you sprayed them and you had frost two mornings.

Freddie: Two mornings so it got down to 29 degrees and I had the insurance man come look at them I still move them for hay if they weren't for food then we'll make beans and they are I mean. They could go and fill out and they've done filled out and they're still putting in them green leaves is so. I guess they are going to be Christmas beans cut.

Steve: August the 1st, two sprayings of Soysoap, he's come back with one more spraying over the top to frost proof it and it protected it from the frost and they completely have completely filled out and made a bean crop here in about 82 days.

Freddie: Yeah sure have.

Steve: And we might say it is November the 22nd and we still got green leaves on these to help these completely make a crop here. I bet they look pretty good.

Freddie: Yeah I to do they do. And we planted the beans August 1st and thats a no no.

Note: Soysoap has provided provide Frost Protection on least 4 different kinds of crops: Tomatoes, Tobacco, Soybeans and Corn

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