Don Wilshe of Pico Ag Intervews Freddie About August 1st Late Planting of Frost Protected Soybeans, Farmer had to deal with Late planting, Deer and More Deer, 29 Degree Temperature, Frost and More Nights of November Frost! But the Farmer got a Christmas Cutting.

NC Farmer: These beans were planted on August 1st.

Don Wilshe: Yeah.

NC Farmer: We had trouble getting beans up here to start with and now we come back and planted these and we sprayed them a week ago Sunday night, which was 17th of August, I mean now October.

Don Wilshe: Why did you do that?

NC Farmer: Well, I want to see if the soap would keep them from freezing as they start the top of the leaves and the plants are still this green, still growing and filling the pods out and also we wish to have sprayed it there too ahead, but we didn’t realize so Sunday night as they were talking about frost on Sunday night and Monday morning. And so we jumped in here and sprayed them on Sunday afternoon. And done a simple good job as far as not letting down so we got all the beans just leaves from going make!

Don Wilshe: How cold did it get about?

NC Farmer: Down to 29. And so these beans have seen 29 degrees two mornings; Monday morning and Tuesday morning too, that was down like here.

Don Wilshe: Now these beans are still making huh?

NC Farmer: Yeah they are still making, they are still putting all in. It’s tough that we have another two weeks that we got to little making and they are filling out and doing good.

Don Wilshe: These are group four or fives?

NC Farmer: They are group fives. They are already group fives.

Don Wilshe: And where are we located at?

NC Farmer: We are about ten miles east of Yadkinville, North Carolina.

Don Wilshe: Okay. And what do you figure these beans might make, you have only been doing this for about 40 years?

NC Farmer: Well, what I am seeing right now, we are looking at a crop of 30 bushels.

Don Wilshe: Okay. Well, would like to see what happens.

NC Farmer: Oh yeah, yeah I am really looking forward to seeing what happen to these. I have never seen like a lot yields, but they were [indiscernible] [0:02:09] these bars, I know even the leaves and all this – all the trees is done and they were [indiscernible] [0:02:18] green has then turned, these has not.

Don Wilshe: Well, I am looking at panning around here and it looks like you got fall here, that's for sure.

NC Farmer: Yeah.

Don Wilshe: And usually that fall doesn't set in before you get some kind of a cold?

NC Farmer: Well, these beans have stayed green, just after spraying them with the soap, you know.

Don Wilshe: And you planted these August 1st?

NC Farmer: August 1st, now they still existed – this is more experimental with it.

Don Wilshe: Now this is August 1st, 2009, isn't that 2008 volunteers are they?

NC Farmer: No, no, they are – we planted in the ground on August the 1st.

Don Wilshe: Well, thanks a lot Freddie.

NC Farmer: I am on them.

Don Wilshe: Okay, well, we will see what happens.

NC Farmer: All right.

Don Wilshe: Thank you buddy.

NC Farmer: Yeah.

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