Intervews Freddie About July 1st Late Planting of Frost Protected Corn, Farmer had to deal with Late planting, Deer and More Deer, 29 Degree Temperature, Frost and More Nights of November Frost! But the Farmer got a Christmas Corn Cutting.

Steve: Freddie we are standing out here in the cornfield and you got some pretty good ears of corn on this. Tell us when this was planted and what you did to it.

Freddie: Well we planted early about April but what happened is got all over everything and flooded and killed it. So it dried out and everything and by the time it got dried out it was done in July. So last June in the got started, I planted this first day of July and so it came out and made it all and before it frosted the it the chaff had turned brown on it so I said well it's going to be all right. And so but we sprayed it with clear masses of Soysoap and it was about two foot tall and that's all the Soysoap we put on it, till it got so big we couldn't get back in there and do nothing with it and all this made the pretty decent hold here and dried down.

Steve: What did the corn do after you put the Soysoap to it?

Freddie: Oh it turned green you know, and picked up and I was afraid that it leached out too much of fertilizer but I don't it had I think the Soysoap made it pick it up you know, and grow to it.

Steve: So after it flooded out and you come back and replant it, you didn't put any more fertilizer. All you did was plant it and put the Soysoap on that.

Freddie: That's all we done yeah. Well we did put nitrogen on it, put 30% on it because.

Steve: Top grafted?

Freddie: Yeah we top grafted 30% of about 40 gallons a day, so that's all we are done.

Steve: Pretty good-looking corn.

Freddie: Yeah it is; we planted July 1 the first round.

Steve: I take it on any year just about I believe.

Freddie: It its really going to be a whole lot better now than the previous years.

Steve: Yeah July the 1st.

Freddie: Yeah, yeah. So normally July the 1st you're going to make net.

Steve: Yeah.

Freddie: It's just too late.

Note: Soysoap has provided provide Frost Protection on least 4 different kinds of crops: Tomatoes, Tobacco, Soybeans and Corn

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