NC Davie Farmer, Examines Corn 1 week old for Color and Root Mass and Direction to or from 2x2! The variety of the corn is Syngenta Northrup King and the farmer is a syngenta seed dealer.

NC Davie Farmer: Don we, we used some of the Soysoap and pop-up fertilizer. And man, I like what I see here with this corn coming out of the ground. It's got a good green color to it, you know, and it usually comes up and looks kind of yellow. But look at the color of that stalk here and everything just to get it started. And we run five and a half ounces Soysoap in with our pop-up fertilizer. And man, I like what I see on that. It looks like it's doing a good job as far as getting a hold of it and turning to the right color to start with. You know, and this corn has been planted about a week, you know. And it's done up like it's - I'm - I'm - just tickled to death, we got that kind of color to it.

Don Wilshe: What's the variety? Is that corn?

NC Davie Farmer: It's Syngenta Northrup King. I used to plant a right smart Northrup King. We got all Syngenta Northrup King you know, but, it usually don't come up back pretty in green. It comes up a little bit on the yellow side. Note: We apparently are making the Syngenta Corn look better than all years past!

Don Wilshe: Well, your big concern was how is that Soysoap going to react, how are the plants going to react with all that pop-up fertilizer and all that Soysoap down that hole?

NC Davie Farmer: Right. And what I see so far, it looks real good, you know. I'm tickled to death with the color and all. Usually, a little plant like it looks kind of puny and yellow-looking to - even though we put pop-up and all of them with it. It - Just don't look that color. I just noticed one that has just come out of the ground and opened up. It's that color when it opens up. So it's getting hold out because I didn't put it with about that far away from it. You know, so, it didn't have to go much on roots to let - picked it up.

Don Wilshe: Where did you put it - in the, did you mix it in with the seed or just sort of side-dressed in the row?

NC Davie Farmer: I run it in with the fertilizer about an inch and hide it from it.

Don Wilshe: From it?

NC Davie Farmer: Yeah from the where the seed is. And -

Don Wilshe: So what do they call that, side-dressing or?

NC Davie Farmer: Well now, it's just - where the plant can get it and everything, is that close, you know. We broadcast - Our biggest part of our fertilizer is broadcast. And we run a little in the row and all but, it usually takes it a little while to look this color, you know. So, I'm just tickled to death. I want to see what it looks like a week from that. It's really coming on strong right now.

Don Wilshe: Well let me look at this row here a little bit. I can see it. I can see it, yeah. This nice little line I'm growing down there, don't we?

NC Davie Farmer: Yeah, you've see it now down the row.

Don Wilshe: I wasn't sure if we're going to kill this stuff or what was going to happen because we've never done this before but -

NC Davie Farmer: Yeah, I was a little bit afraid though, but I'm not now.

Don Wilshe: That was your - it's your money, not mine.

NC Davie Farmer: Yeah, I believe that. Well, I'm going to hit it again as soon as it gets on up about four leaves high. I'm going to come over the top and spray Soysoap on it with eight ounces or 10 ounces to the acre.

Don Wilshe: OK then.

NC Davie Farmer: So, it looks good so far.

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