Jon Linder NCSU Agronomist examines with farmer Soysoap Corn 3 week old for Color, Roots And to or From 2x2 11-37 and Nitrogen Fertilizer!

Jon Linker: Right now.

Dave County Farmer: About three weeks.

Jon Linker: About three weeks post planning.

Dave County Farmer: Right

Jon Linker: About the seeds, you can actually - you can see the seed treatment still on the seed.

Dave County Farmer: Right.

Jon Linker: You've got off to a very aggressive start. You have very, very, very fine root hairs in all up and down the main roots. You've given us a lot of, lot of surface area for uptake of nutrients especially phosphorus.

Dave County Farmer: And last week, we dug some and we just had one root that had fine hairs on it.

Jon Linker: Had good fine hairs on it. It was all heading toward the side that we applied the Soysoap.

Dave County Farmer: Right.

Jon Linker: And to give you an idea, this, and a height of this is what we would have been looking at last week.

Dave County Farmer: Right.

Jon Linker: And that was on a little earlier in the week. So it's been about eight or nine days since we're here last.

Dave County Farmer: Right.

Jon Linker: So in eight or nine days, we've gone from this and a height of this -

Dave County Farmer: I got it.

Jon Linker: to a root mass of this and a height of this.

Dave County Farmer: Right.

Don Wilshe: Stand back a little bit will you John?

Jon Linker: And that's

Don Wilshe: I can't get the pitch - there it is.

Jon Linker: That's been - the most impressive part about it is all the - to me, as an agronomist, is all the fine roots hair that we have up and down the whole entire root, often times you'll see these roots and you'll have a very long root. But you will not have all the fibrous laterals off of the root. And that's where you're taking up water and nutrients. You know, we're getting stability out of the long, thick root. The very fine fibrous roots are where we're making money. That's our big thing with the corn.

Don Wilshe: Great. That was a 2 by 2 planting and that you've mixed - how much five ounces of Soysoap?

Dave County Farmer: Six ounces. I use six ounces of Soysoap with 10 galloon of 11-37 and nitrogen at 30%.

Jon Linker: Well, look at this plant. This side is - this side actually is where the band was put with the Soysoap. And you do see the roots favoring or chasing where the band was. Now, I got a lot of lateral movement in opposite direction but we do have a very, very aggressive movement toward where the band was. A 2 by 2 band would be here and here. So -

Dave County Farmer: Right.

Jon Linker: - that's where our roots were all headed to.

Don Wilshe: Well thanks a lot guys. I got to run empty a truck.

Dave County Farmer: Okay.

Jon Linker: Okay.

Don Wilshe: Or fill one up.

Dave County Farmer: Okay.

Don Wilshe: Thanks a lot guys.

Jon Linker: I'll see you then.

Don Wilshe: Yup. That looks awfully good.

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