Vietnam Chili Peppers about 60 days Planted Same Day
Treated are Greener, No Pests , More Progress to production, No Pests and even some 2 and 3 inch circled in red peppers
Untreated leaves less green, pest plenty, leaves are krinkly and no peppers!

The results of your product on chilli and vegetables are extremely good and farmers are very happy.
I will try and send the pictures soon. After I send you the pictures we can then discuss commercialization, regards

60 Day Primary Field Report Trial Plot.
2019 Name of country Vietnam.
Applied and Control 2000 SQM.
Name of vegetable: Chili
1st Application field 25 days after plantation.
No. of applications has been done so far: 2 application in 60 says.
Interval between application: 30 days.
PicoAg to water ration = 1:500.
Crop cycle: 6 months.
Crop Results Treated 16 Chili and starts, Untreated 0 Chili plants are still young and started blooming and chili forming
Harvesting will start from 4th month and will continue over a couple of months. So we can wait few more weeks to observe the
difference of size, weight and yield of Chili. (We would recommend a taste test for flavor)
b) So far the PicoAg applied plants are healthy and have a dark green and sleep leaves compared with control plants.
c) The most significant matter is, the applied plants are free from from any insect/pest infections.

Recommendations to Vietnam Chili Farmers
1). Vietnam is a triple crop country for Rice as you have no monsoon unlike Thailand!
2). First application of PicoAg should of been when chili Plants have 3 leaves not 25 days!
3). We have to use those 25 days to grow root mass before plants switch to vegetative mode from root development
4). More roots provides more nutrients to feed the plants for more products, more roots more chili's.
5). Our Goals would be more days of picking and at the end of normal harvest take a few plants and spray them every 15 days to see if they will keep harvesting.
6). Switch from 30 days to 15 days for applications so we can push the plants for more production and stay at 500 to 1.
7). Farmer should expect and additional 30 days if not 60 days of harvesting Chili as our goal for him.

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