Soysoap / Burndown (TM) is great assist for killing weeds with AMS or Urea. We have been able to help herbicides that can no longer kill about 50 weeds that are resistant to herbicides. We see that with the ad of our product we can reduce the kill time from 7 to 10 days to 3 days, brown and on the ground.

A biobased single element picotechnology adjuvant Soysoap formulation combined with AMS and 41% glyphosate has been reported to help control: Canadian Thistle, Giant Ragweed, Horseweed, Lambsquarters, Mares Tail, Milkweed, Palmer Amaranth, Pigweed, Velvetleaf, American Black Nightshade, Arrowhead, Barnyardgrass, Bindweed, Bluegrass, Canary Grass, Chamomile, Chickweed, Cocklebur, Coffee Bean, Crabgrass, Dayflower, Downy Brome, Duckweed, Falseflax, Fingergrass, Foxtail, Goosefoot, Goosegrass, Groundsel, Hairy Fleabane, Hydrilla, Itchgrass, Jimsonweed, Johnsongrass, Kochia, Ladysthumb, Large Crabgrass, Livid Amaranth, Loosestrife, Marshelder, Morning Glories, Nightshade, Orach, Persian Darnell, Powell Amaranth, Prickly Lettuce, Prickly Sida, Purslane, Ragweed, Redstem, Ricefield Bulrush, Ryegrass, Shattercane, Shepherd's-purse, Smartweed, Spiny Sowthistle, Starthistle, Sunflower, Thistle, Umbrella Sedge, Watergrass, Waterhemp, Wild Carrot, Wild Mustard, Wild Oat and Others.

Farmers have told us that without Soysoap weeds might start to brown up in 8 to 11 days if at all, But with Soysoap 1 they say simply weeds are brown, down on the ground in 3 to 4 days. This is achived with the translocation technology embedded within the Soysoap Active Element no Active Ingredient to actually transfer the herbicide into the weeds! Farmers also state that they dont get the usual yellowing or stunting of the crops because of the Glyphosate. Try Soysoap in combination with finely ground seaweed lime and molasses.

Remember, Soysoap E-101 in a concentration of 2 ml/l or 0,2% solution and seaweed lime (> 90 micron) in an amendment of 200 kg/ha (200 lbs/acre) and molasses in a concentration of 20 litres/ha or 10 quarts/acre. Make sure that your sprayer has a good mixer to keep the solution well mixed. Most weeds are the result of a calcium shortage in the soil. Pls check the book When Weeds Talk by Jay McCaman. Available through AcresUSA.

P.S. You do not kill the weeds, but you make them superfluous, obsolete. The weeds tell you that the soil lacks minerals, is not well balanced. When you correct the mineral balance weeds will not result in economic damage. Proper mechanical weeding will also help: Try tine weeders they even weed cereals. Roelf Havinga TEAM Ecosys

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