Weather Damage Nearly Wind Resistant Corn, Tobacco and Oats!

Warning corn subject to 50 to 100 mph winds that snap the stalks we cant repair or stand up. Another bit of evidence of the improved health of plants sprayed with Pico Ag Soysoap is the plants' strength to withstand and recover from strong winds. We can attribute this to the plants being more elastic, better root structure as well as thicker stronger stalks! Once any plant blows down it really becomes a royal mess crooked neck and bowed corn. The crops are not able to pollinate and yield lost can be total. And even if you have a crop you have a major problem harvesting tangled corn criss-crossed in other rows. The same thing happen to a Tobacco crop but we are still scratching our heads as Tobacco when its blown down stay down until manually stood up. That takes along time.

Early in the morning on July 9, 2008, corn fields in parts of North Carolina were subjected to high down-drift winds from a violent thunderstorm. The two photos above were taken right after the storm. The farmer was distraught. He said, "Much of my corn was down, twisted, and a real mess." He had he same issue on Oats and Tobacco.

But two days later, on July 11, the farmer was pleasantly surprised to see the corn that had been sprayed with Pico Ag Soysoap had straightened back up as well as his Oats and Tobacco.

North Carolina farmers who sprayed their oats and winter wheat crops in the Spring of 2008 with Pico Ag Soysoap were equally pleasantly surprised with the plants' resistance to wind. One farmer said, "One night, winds of more than 40 mph howled outside. I told my wife I was sure we had lost our wheat and oat crops. Normally, winds like that would cause the grain fields to look like someone had dragged a log through the field, behind a tractor. But next morning, except for a couple of spots where extra nitrogen had been sprayed, where the spray-rig turned, 99% of the oat crop looked just fine. Several spots of wheat had been laid down, but it popped right back up. At harvest, we had record yields and test weights on both wheat and oats."

Soysoaped Corn no damage, Corn with Soysoap Crooked and Bowed for all the neighbors! Damage and lack of harvest caused great finacial loss!

Rick Patton: You had 40 mile an hour wind?

Freddie: I donít know I had a storm come in here and just blowed all this down and it was just tangle around whatever which way. And that was about two weeks ago and its all stood back up and everything.

Rick Patton: How big was the corn; about that chest high?

Freddie: Oh no it was about this to me and the wind would blowed all out here and everything and these stalks just stood right back up and it was laying out whichever which way. And the only real damages I see it went right down the corn and it broke some of that off.

Rick Patton: Okay. That was a pretty that was a severe wind.

Freddie: Right. And it even broke limbs off the trees and everything and laid the corn down so, and my cousin owns this now and he said I just I've done chalked it off because it all down and under it just laid it down flat and he told me he said heíd walk around and look and he said you know, he said, I can't believe all this corn stood back up and I proved it. And how they stood back up.

Rick Patton: Iím going to walk out here in a little bit but what youíre seeing on the stalk is youíre not seeing that traditional goose necking where itís laid over and then it stays bowed and then it comes back up you are actually seeing that stalk standing right back.

Freddie: Standing right back up, and all because Iíve seen it on the edge of the field here when it done.

Rick Patton: Right.

Freddie: And I was just afraid that it would never stand back up I knew it would turn up like so, but this it stood straight right back up and it maybe a few stalks that has got the bow in them but majority of it stood straight right straight back up.

Rick Patton: Thatís great. So what this was applied, tell me about this application that was applied, how tall was it?

Freddie: It was about this tall.

Rick Patton: Okay.

Freddie: And it was supplied at 8oz Soysoap in all and he come back and put nitrogen after that.

Rick Patton: Okay.

Freddie: He didnít put his nitrogen in with the soap, he made two applications.

Rick Patton: Okay.

Freddie: Because he knew that the nitrogen would burn it bad if he put the soap in with it so he come back and went over it again and done that so .

Rick Patton: Now the agricultural soap was that with glyphosate or just by itself?

Freddie: No he just used water and I donít know whether he put in any glyphosate in or not.

Rick Patton: Okay.

Freddie: The corn is only about separate use or not. I know he didnít put it nitrogen in it because he said he made two applications so he may have put his glyphosate in with the soap. So whatís amazing is the way it stood back up as much of it was laid down on account of that wind.

Rick Patton: Itís a beautiful corn crop.

Freddie: Well it is.

Freddie: Yeah pictures; we took pictures of it, when it done it, the day it the evening it done it.

Rick Patton: The wind.

Freddie: And theyíre on the internet and all and it shows how much it was down and how much it stood back up in two days and now itís practically every stalk has stood back up unless it broke it.

Rick Patton: Wow.

Freddie: These got out last year.

Rick Patton: Really

Freddie: And it wasnít this tall you know, and normally they donít put out until this corn gets up here about ready, you know, and we have seen theses brace roots coming out you know when the corn was just a little taller than that plant right there it was up about right there and they had them all out and done, anchored to the ground. So weíre seeing that you see right there is a stalk that it broke off.

Rick Patton: Right

Freddie: You know thatís how strong the wind was and it broke some of these stalks but everything else it stood back up except what it broke.

Rick Patton: You donít have to walk out with me; let me go take a look and I should probably go see.

Freddie: Okay.

Rick Patton: Iíll be right back.

Freddie: I am six foot.

Freddie: I was about to say about eight foot and its beginning to pass so thatís as tall as itís going to get you know.

More Information that blown down corn that never crooked neck or bowed an never became an unhavestable royal mess!

What happen one day back in July 9th, 2008 was a big thunderstorm came through the Winston Salem, NC Area. It blew down trees, tobacco plants that also stood up, and lots and lots of corn. Well what you will see is the Soysoaped Corn Blown down alright, but 3 days later it stood straight up on its own. Now the neighbors were not as lucky as it never stood back up in adjacent fields and was crooked necked and bowed which messed up harvesting and production. This has repeatedly happened over the years and we get the same results. Those that don't use the Soysoap have what is called around here a Royal Mess! We will show you labeled pictures of twisted corn and blown down corn on the July 9th and 5 pictures of the same corn straightup just 3 days later on the 11th of July.

The best damage can alway been seen around trees where the wind downforce and hortizonatal wind wraps trees and really lays down the corn. We have also seen wind resistance on oat grain crops and tobacco that lack root structure. We have more pictures but hear are 4 twisted corn fiels and than 5 straightup same fields. How we do this isnt that hard! Corn was down July 8th and up July 11!

Twisted Corn 1: The picture really shows the damage close to trees. Below you will see straightup1.jpg dated pictures 3 days later and stood up corn!

Twisted Corn 2: Below you will see straightup corn dated 3 days later and straightup corn!

Twisted Corn 3: Below you will see straightup corn dated 3 days later and straightup corn!

Twisted Corn 4: Below you will see straightup corn dated 3 days later and straightup corn!

Straightup Corn 1: Having Seen the Wind damaged Twisted1.jpg, This picture really shows the starightup corn close to trees pictures 3 days later!

Straightup Corn 2: The picture really shows the starightup corn in the open field pictures 3 days later!

Straightup Corn 3: The picture really shows the starightup corn in the open field pictures 3 days later!

Straightup Corn 4: The picture really shows the starightup corn in the open field pictures 3 days later!

Straightup Corn 5: The picture really shows the starightup corn in the open field pictures 3 days later!

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