Deer Food Plots

Just wanted to keep you updated on the wildlife animal deer food plots here in New York. Here are a few pictures of a soybean plot that was all sprayed except for one end. The soybean field was about 8-10" tall at first spray. 12 days later, my son Sam stands in both where the “Soysoap” sprayed grew 24" in just 12 days, and 11" in 4 days that may sound too unbelievable, but it’s the truth! The untreated virtually didn’t grow much at all.

Below are the untreated soybeans – No Soysoap are 24" shorter. As one can see the plants are not filled in and no row closure. The plants are much smaller and way behind the Soysoap treated plants above! Anyone can see the Soysoap treated plants are going to provide a lot more plant mass for deer and the soybeans are much higher in sugar levels. We have tested treated beans at 24 brix and untreated at only 12. It’s that sugar and protein which attracts deer just not size.

We also tested it on my purple top turnips and look at these results one plant has 4x the tonnage and is nearly double the length 30" compared to 17" and 5 times the leaves.

Here Are Some Six Foot Soybean Plants. Good Luck Find the Deer. Better get a higher Deer Plots Stand.

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