Cotton Farmer Chipley, Florida reported when Soysoap he grew during a draught, got more bolls per plant, and lots of other benefits, Lots of Ruffing Bolls, Lots of Fruit in the bottom of the plants, Once they start growing it is amazing.

Farmer: If there is enuff grocery, Its gonna carry on!

Jerry: You just start counting with your hands, two, four that's the grown boll, six, eight, 10, 12, 14, 16 you count 20 bolls. Three-four leaves, that is where the fruits down on the bottom.

Farmer: It seems to me like; it's got more cotton up in the top.

UF Ext. Agent: The stuff that you sprayed?

Farmer: Well it seems like the cotton has set more stuff up in the top.

Clay Olsen: On what you sprayed with the Soysoap?

Jerry: Yeah even this right here see this is set a bloom, it's about through, see that one right there, you got some up there, they'll probably bloom but they're going to have to bloom pretty quick.

Clay Olsen: See what they'll do, what they'll do…

Jerry: Yeah they're probably set too.

Clay Olsen: See this right here on the shade to bloom, now this in here boll but it probably get

Farmer: I'm going to tell you when gets on that you'll be surprised on how quick it will get grown, it's amazing.

Jerry: Put in these down here, it's going to put it up here.

Clay Olsen: And you don't got…

Farmer: Now looking down there I see they don't got grown.

Clay Olsen: You don't got to speckled bolls three quarter way up the stalk; look at that bow right there he is maturing quick look at that.

Jimmy: And you sprayed Soysoap on this cotton how many times?

Jerry: I know I had Soysoap put on twice. But I put in on that April the last time and I was drugging it over.

Jimmy: Talk to me Jerry, this cotton right?

Jerry: Yeah.

Jimmy: That's good looking bow - a lot of bolls on that.

Clay Olsen: See what I mean.

Jerry: A lot of bolls, a lot of bolls, roofing bolls.

Farmer: Plenty of bolls on them.

Clay Olsen: This one right here is two times.

Farmer: I would figure it's as much 50 you put on. They were small then we picked they were that big.

Jerry: We put Soysoap on it this right here probably had Soysoap only three times.

Farmer: Soysoap Three times?

Clay Olsen: Three times?

Farmer: This cotton bolls.

Jerry: You see that stalk right there, and see most of the fruits right up on the top.

Farmer: Yeah.

Jerry: And that's the way it is but you got two stalks right side by side.

Farmer: Yeah.

Jerry: Most of it that's the way it is, it's planted two bolls, I mean two stalks.

Farmer: They're all over its going to be.

Clay Olsen: It's like I said I can't tell nothing about it, but it just to me it doesn't look better too bad, so far.

Jerry: Look at the bolls…

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