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Pythium, Gone in less than 10 days with Soysoap 100 plant nutrition, and herb crop harvested!

20 Year Seed Salesman said" I wanted to give you an update on one incredible result we have seen with the Adjuvant.

A farmer had a field of one of the areas major herb crops that he was going to be harvesting in a few days. Unfortunately the crop got nailed with the fungus Pythium. The crop was dying off, off colored, and couldn't be marketed.

The farmer had thrown in the towel when I told him to use the Adjuvant plant nutrient. The farmer sprayed the Adjuvant on the crop. Within 10 days the crop turned around completely; the crop was dark green, healthy,excellent feeder root growth , and showed no sign of Pythium ever having been there.

The farmer harvested the crop(for a very decent return I might add) which he never thought he would ever harvest. He couldn't believe it and neither could I. We have never seen this disease stopped, let alone eradicated. There was no sign whatsoever of the Pythium.

I have seen in my other trials with it that it helped plant growth but this was the result I was really interested in seeing. The farmer immediately wanted another gallon. After this I have several more farmers that are interested in trying the Adjuvant. Even though we are still at the trialing stage, results such as this will really boost things up here.

What was remarkable about this product was the plant with aid from Adjuvant Nutrition was able to control Pythium, and a pesticide wasn't used!