Soysoap Lettuce Seedling Trails- Australia

Greenhouse Plantings In Australia Lettuce Parts Adjuvant Control Advantage Whole Plant WT 2.437g 2.158g Adjuvant 12% more Tops Only 1.776g 1.537g Adjuvant 15% more Roots Only 2.400g 2.126g Adjuvant 13% more Roots Dry .72g .69g Adjuvant 04% more Leaf Length 6.74cm 6.54cm Adjuvant 03% more Brix Readings 3.8 3.0 Adjuvant 21% more

Nature and Purpose of the Test
To determine the effect of Adjuvant upon lettuce seedlings being grown in a greenhouse environment. Entire seedlings, as well as various parts of the lettuce plants, will be weighed for size comparison and brix readings will be taken to determine if there is any increase in sugar content.

Procedure Seeds were dipped in Adjuvant for two to four hours prior to being planted and were then sprayed periodically during the first month following germination.

Observations After just four weeks from being planted, the tiny lettuce plants, as well as the tops and roots sprayed with Adjuvant , showed an increase in weight of 12% to 15%. The brix sugar content readings measured 21% more. Both of these indicated a remarkable rate of growth for such a short period of time. The lower cost of treating the original potting mix with Adjuvant saved the nursery $5.00 for every cubic meter of potting mix. In addition, none of the seedlings was subject to the usual exposure of harsh and expensive petrochemicals and fungicides.

These tests were conducted by a certified SFI (Soil Foodweb Institute) Advisor and internationally recognized authority in agricultural sciences. He has over 40 years of commercial farming experience.

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