Oats: Plant Inspections of Winter Oats, Two Seeds - 18 Oat Stalks Double Crop

Transciption of Interview!

Freddie: Winter Oats, Two Seeds - 18 Oat Stalks Double Crop

Don Wilshe: Freddie, what do you want to show me on your winter oats, here?

Freddie: You know where there are two seeds right there? Look how many oats are off of those two seeds of oats.

Don Wilshe: There are probably about 14 or so coming out.

Freddie: Yeah; at least 14 or 15. There may be 16-18.

Don Wilshe: Why is that good? Why is that different?

Freddie: Well, in other words, when one of them has so many oats on them and whenever you combine them, that's more oats going into the machine.

Don Wilshe: So you put two seeds in the ground and you are getting how many seeds out, you figure?

Freddie: Oh I don't know, bunches; handfuls.

Don Wilshe: And that's what it's all about, huh?

Freddie: That's what it's about!

Don Wilshe: Well, Thanks a lot for that short clip. I think that's something important we want to point out, though. We'll talk to you later, Freddie. Thanks a lot.

Don Wilshe: Freddie in 2008 spring had two crops and the yielded 111 Bushels and 133 Bushels an acre. Best he had ever had was 100 bushels and that was a long time ago. Usually he is around 70 bushels acre.

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