Thailand Rice Farmer 2006: Meeting with the 3rd pair of farmers using the Soysoap! The Chief likes the product and feels his people will make more money and be healthier.

We are out west of Bangkok here, and it's about 100 farmers who are going to start using this Soysoap product, and here is a product that has not been treated. So it has very little flowering, and you could pan over here to the Soysoap fields and you can see the flowering is quite significant. That's a good comparison of the benefits of the product. The group of farmers, that are distributors are inspecting the facility, very happy with the results as well as the owner, which is the chief of the people. Okay, Sanya, whenever you are ready.

Okay, and tell me.

Have him talk to me.

He said that after he used Soysoap 25B, the rice flowering is consistent and he believes he can obtain better yields.

Okay, and make more money. Okay.

Better yield.