2011 North Carolina: GL Barringer Soybeans and Corn Grown in Severe Drought Stress!

Male Speaker: get it?

Male Speaker: Yeah.

Male Speaker: You need to pull the F up.

Male Speaker: Pretty amazing

Male Speaker: This corn here is going to burnt slam to the ground. Look at that root, look at that.

Male Speaker: Thatís amazing yeah.

Male Speaker: You see that?

Male Speaker: Mm-hmm.

Male Speaker: It ainít just one stalk man, itís just a lot of stalks you know.

Male Speaker: Yeah. Itís amazing.

Male Speaker: You see this, this one here? Its just hard dirt pee gravel dirt and no water.

Male Speaker: We can just walk, because youíve got a hat on

Male Speaker: Look at to your right, yeah.

Male Speaker: Mm-hmm.

Male Speaker: And now all the way down the roadÖ

Male Speaker: And all the way down the road.

Male Speaker: Mm-hmm.

Interviewer: So Jerry do you think that the Soysoap had anything to do with these roots and the fact that you still have a yield on this corn?

Jerry: Yeah, yeah. Like it was dry land corn and yielding 100 bucks an acreÖ

Male Speaker: Planted April though planted April though 12th or the 14th

Male Speaker: Yeah.

Interviewer: How many times have you sprayed this?

Jerry: I just sprayed them one time.

Interviewer: Just one time.

Jerry: One time.

Male Speaker: One time for the stalk.

Jerry: One time for the stalk.

Male Speaker: And you had in there too?

Jerry: [Inaudible] [0:01:43] and Roundup and [inaudible] [0:01:47]

Interviewer: Eight ounces to the acre?

Jerry: Eight ounces.

Interviewer: Thatís awesome.

Jerry: Eight ounces to the acre.

Interviewer: Eight ounces to the acre.

Jerry: Yup.

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