Intervews Freddie About July 23rd Late Planting of Frost Protected Soybeans, Farmer had to deal with Late planting, Deer and More Deer, 29 Degree Temperature, Frost and More Nights of November Frost! But the Farmer got a Christmas Cutting.

Steve: We are standing here with Freddie again with another field of beans here that we’ve planted kind of late and everything on it. The county gave us another idea of how good this our Soysoap works on this. Freddie tell us what you did here on this field here.

Freddie: Well these beans were planted on July the 23rd and they were sprayed three times with Soysoap over the top while they were growing. And spayed it out over about a two to three weeks period.

Steve: Right.

Freddie: In between each spraying. And we didn’t even come back and spray over the top of these altogether. We didn’t have time when these for frost.

Steve: Right.

Freddie: And they weren’t mature, there weren’t nothing on them. And there was going to be nothing. But we’d had like I said they’d been sprayed three times with Soysoap and so we come over here and looked at them right after it frosted. And the leaves are still green only burn them a little in the top and it did burn a few other pods that was right on top but everything else is fully matured and all and I think they’re going to be pretty good beans.

Steve: They look like the three sprays you’ve got helped hold against the frost and everything and I don’t see of any and I don’t know of any other product that would help protect the plant from frost like this. Had it not had the protection that it had; these beans would never filled out would they?

Freddie: No it wouldn’t. I mean there would been no count at all. If when that we had our first frost if it had it killed it right then and they had enough protection on them and kept them green, they wouldn’t have filled out, they would have made nothing.

Steve: Well how many total acres are you farming this year Freddie?

Freddie: Around 2000.

Steve: How many acres just how many acres did you put the Soysoap on this year.

Freddie: Well we got about 1700 acre beans and we done every one of them at least twice and some of them we have done three times.

Steve: Three times?

Freddie: Yeah.

Steve: You had some corn this time; did you spray your corn this time with it?

Note: Soysoap has provided provide Frost Protection on least 4 different kinds of crops: Tomatoes, Tobacco, Soybeans and Corn

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