Fescue: Mike Johnson North Carolina, 22 year Surry County, Fescue Farmers shows off some: Very High Grass, High Protein, Extra Cuttings, and about 1 ton more per acre!

Freddie: Where are you located at?

Mike Johnson: Well I'm in North Carolina Surry County; I'm 30 miles Northwest of Winston Salem and about 20 miles south off Mount Airy.

Freddie: Right this Fescue looks awful good for Fescue hay, how many years you've been growing Fescue?

Mike Johnson: Probably 20, 22.

Freddie: Are you pleased with this …

Mike Johnson: Yeah pleased where we put this Soysoap on it looks good.

Freddie: You didn't use Soysoap last year, what's the difference?

Mike Johnson: Well there is a big difference here.

Freddie: How is it a whole lot and more undergrowth you know?

Mike Johnson: More undergrowth, it's taller you know what I mean it's just thicker looks good, good and thick.

Freddie: So you're well pleased with the all the extra you've done this time with Soysoap?

Mike Johnson: Yeah I'm well pleased.

Freddie: You done it twice?

Mike Johnson: Yes.

Freddie: It looks good to me I tell you I've been raising hay and stuff and tell you it looks awfully good.

Don Wilshe: How old is the seed, did you reseed this Fescue?

Mike Johnson: This originally was an alfalfa 20 years ago and then it went into orchard grass and if you don't stay on orchard grass and the Fescue is bound to take it over, so this is more or less kind of took it over the Fescue, I know eventually this is on a rental farm put it back in orchard grass you know.

Freddie: Well the orchard grass is a lot high on protein.

Mike Johnson: Yeah it's high on protein and just I like good Fescue but I like the orchard grass too it's a little bit better.

Freddie: This is like some good…

Mike Johnson: Yes I mean I don't have no complaints, I like it. If you're willing to sell any hay the horse people will like the orchard grass better.

Freddie: Yeah if I'm feeding cattle, I'd rather feed orchard grass.

Mike Johnson: Yeah if you mow this right now, our problem we've been having a lot of rain those last two years we didn't have enough, this is great because when it gets in here it will make good hay, it will make pretty hay and they'll eat it good.

Freddie: What I like is that undergrowth.

Mike Johnson: Yeah.

Freddie: Under the heads and this stem, I mean they'll eat that but that's what counts it's what's down there.

Mike Johnson: Yeah you don't have no grass out there, you ain't got nothing.

Freddie: Right. Yes it looks awfully good.

Don Wilshe: Well thanks a lot guys and we'll come back next year and see how much this field has improved are you going to switch this orchard grass next year or what?

Mike Johnson: No I need to work on the PH a little bit. The orchard grass takes a little more management and getting the PH, so I could say this farm is kind of been mismanaged for a few years, I just took it over last year so it's really come a long way since last year. And it will be probably be a couple of years before I grow orchard grass.

Don Wilshe: Well thanks an awful lot you guys.

Mike Johnson: You're welcome.

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