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CLEAN WATER ACT 3-25-2014: Any agriculture activity that does not result in the discharge of a pollutant to waters of the U.S. still does not require a permit. But what I interpret this is if you discharge a pollutent in the water the EPA will deal with you requiring a permit and cleanup.

2013 Spray Rig Cleaner Guide, Why loose Yield?
Farmer Testimonal: After he cleaned his rig

BURNDOWN (TM) We Help Herbicides Kill over 20
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Left Column on Crops!

16 Page 2012 Crop Report

WHEAT - CANOLA: Univ of Tenn: Soysoap Wheat 150 bu acre, Canola 98 bu acre.
WHEAT: NC A&T from 27 to 72 bu acre triple
WHEAT: Trails Soysoap Treated 84.3, Untreated 71.9 bu ac - 12.4 more bu.
WHEAT: - Jimmy Sanders Mississippi Wheat Trail on Ph 4 Acid Sulfate Soils. Comments: James Miller, whose son is a Crop Consultant with the Jimmy Sanders Company in Indianola, Mississippi, applied Soysoap 2 on his wheat crop. The 60 acre controlled plot made 87.27 bushels/acre and had a test weight of 60.5. The 60 acre trial plot yielded 97.11 bushels/acre and had a test weight of 61.11. The yield difference was 9.8 bushels per acre! The treated wheat showed more tillerling and kept a better color. I do not know how Soysoap 2 works so well, but it does. I will definitely use it on every acre of wheat I grow, said Miller.. Jimmy Sanders Video

OATS: Double Your Oats 64 bu. acre to 100 to 135 bu. acre

BARLEY: NCSU Certified 101.8 Bu. Per Acre

SILAGE: NC A&T Doubled from 200 to 400 tons on 16 Acres

ALFALFA: NC A&T Cuttings from 3 to 5 Cuttings

CORN: increased Corn Bu Per Acre Getting 16 vs 14 rows per ear (53 Kernels Per Row)
2012 & 2013 38 More Bu Corn Acre
CORN: 2011 NCGA Yield Contest, Maryland Farmer won first place 207 cu acre in the Class A No-Till / Strip Till Non-Irrigated division

CORN: NCSU 15 More Bu. Acre Corn

SOYBEANS: Arkansas, Last year 85 bu soybeans acre this year alot more hoping for more
SOYBEANS: NCSU Soysoap NCSU 73 bu acre, NCAT 75 bu acre.

SOYBEANS: NCSU Trails Beats Bio-Forge

COTTON, SOYBEANS, STRAWBERRIES, TOBACCO: Chemically Damaged, Soysoap Reversed the Damage

Peanuts Perennial: Alfalfa of the South

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North Carolina
2010 Video Results

FESCUE: Grass Millet
SOYBEANS: Late Planting Aug 1st
SOYBEANS: Late Planting Aug 1st Revist
CORN: Late Planting July 1st
SOYBEANS: Late Planting July 23rd
SOYBEANS: 50++ Bushel Grown
TOBACCO: Burley 1500 Lbs More
COTTON: 26% Increase
CORN: Report 14 More Bushels
CORN: planted 1st week!
CORN: planted 3rd week!

IRRI Bangladesh Farmers Found Out, When Pesticides Weren't Used They Got No Pests!

Yes this is a soybean leaf with a 51 level of chlorophyll level

Yes this is a soybean leaf with a 51 level of chlorophyll level
Soysoap 3 was made especially for Wheat, Oats, Barley and Spring Grains Get Some Today!

2013 Alabama - Soysoap 3 for Fall Wheat used Dormancy and Look at the difference!

Today I got a call from a young farmer that tends about 6500 acres in Alabama. He thought his wheat looked pretty good, and described it as dark green and blue colored, but wasn't super excited until he went to the co-op. Other farmers starting asking him 'what are you using?' He said 'I used Soysoap 3 a few weeks ago to bring the wheat out of dormancy. '

You see we had talked to him earlier in the day and told him that he needed to pull some plants and check the roots. Well that's when it got interesting, as he used a shovel and saw (picture below) at least a 6 inch difference between the treated and untreated. Than it even got crazier when he was telling an old time farmer about his wheat roots. Well the old timer had gone into his field 4 days earlier and saw the difference in color. So he pulled on the untreated and they came up very easy, but when he tugged on the treated planted they weren't coming out at all. Than he told the story to the young farmer about what he had done, and young farmer laughed and called and told me the whole story.

Well his brother came and saw the plants and took them to show his family that tends 5000 acres and another relative that tends about 4000 acres. And the last thing he said to me is ' I hope you guys are ready to support us, as we are going to make you busy this summer for sure on beans and corn.'

NC Soybean Farmer interviewed by AG Professional Magazine Treated vs Untreated.
The publisher was for 15 years a agri-chem soybean specialist. The fields were side
by side, Same Seed, Same Weather, Same Ground and Fertilizer program. Only differnce
was one field treated with Soysoap at 1st trifoilate, and other 3 weeks later.
Eventually the other field was treated and yielded 17 less bu per acre.

Univ of Tenn Certified Wheat and Canola Trails: Soysoap got Wheat 108 to 150 bushels, Canola 90 bushels. Now dont expect to get 150 bu wheat but usually their is a 20 bu increase. The farmer reported on Canola his monitor hit 160 bu few times. We have seen results on oats, millet and barley get around 60 bu increase. First time farmers are usually limited to 20 acre trails.

Click on Picture to expand

Click on Picture to expand

Click on Picture to expand

Every Wonder why your neighbors farmer crop out yielded yours or why you might have variations on your own farm from field to field. Above is about 50 reasons of a 100 why! Soysoap our constant everything else is a variable.

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Crop Videos

North Carolina Agriculture YouTube Videos

Late Planting July 1st Corn Experiment, Western Carolina

Burley Tobacco 1000 Lbs More - Eastern Carolina

Cotton Production 26% Increase, Eastern Carolina

Grasses, Hays, Forage, Fodder, Orchard Grass, Fescue, etc.

Fescue Grass and Millet, 1 Ton More per acre, Up to doube Protein and up to 2 extra cuttings

Orchard Grass Deer Plots, 1 Ton More per acre, Up to doube Protein and up to 2 extra cuttings


Soybeans: Timing Timing Timing: 1st trifoilate treated yielded 34 more bu., and late 6th tri-foilate treated yield 20 more bu. This is a story worth calling us about!

Soybeans: Wayne and Kent Farmers say Adjuvant "Miracle Soap".

North Carolina Mike Griffin Soybeans

2011 North Carolina: GL Barringer Soybeans and Corn Grown in Severe Drought Stress!

Late Planting August 1st Soybeans Experiment, Western Carolina

Late Planting August 1st Soybeans Experiment Revisted, Western Carolina

Late Planting July 23rd Soybeans Experiment, Western Carolina

50++ Bushel Short Soybeans Grown - Eastern Carolina


Winter Wheat-Oat Crop Review.

Wheat: 4 Row Wheat Heads, Farmer got 125 Bushels Average.

Wheat: Freddie discuss the 5 inch wheat heads.

Wheat: Farmer said Yields Best Ever, If its green spray it!

Wheat: Smiling farmer when monitor hit 160 bushels acre.

Wheat: Farmer says he seed washed and got 64 lbs test weight.

Wheat: Treated with Adjuvant was 110 bushels, and untreated was 60.


Oats: Freddie Combining Two Fields 125 Average Bushels Per Acre.

Oats: Field Inspection Projects 110 to 120 Bushels Per Acre.

Oats: Plant Inspections Show Lots of Stalks.

Oats: Freddie about his High Yield Wind Resistant Oat crop!

Spring Oats: We missed the fall planting so we did sprint oats, Same Yield


Barley 3 Weeks before harvest, Expecting 102 State Certified bu acre!


Wind Resistant Corn, Corn blew down, stood up! Never saw that in 40 years of farming.

Late Planting July 1st Corn Experiment, Western Carolina

NCSU Corn Report 14 More Bushels

Corn planted 1st week in furrow Timing Trail, Western Carolina

Corn planted 2nd week in furrow Timing Trail, Western Carolina

Sweet Potatoes - Beauregard

2010 North Carolina: GL Barringer and Friend, 4.5 lb Beauregard Sweet Potatoes!

2011 North Carolina: GL Barringer, Almost 5 lb Beauregard Sweet Potatoes!

Garden in North Carolina Assorted Veggies

2011 North Carolina: GL Barringer Garden Crop in Severe Drought Stress!

ASEAN: Thailand - Vietnam - China Rice Production

Thailand: One Rice Farmer changes Rice Production, 5000 Follow.

Thailand: 2nd Farmers started with 1 hectare now does 3 hectares.

Thailand: 3rd Group of Rice Farmers.

Thailand: 4th Group of Rice Farmers.

Thailand: Distributor talks about why she likes a healthy product for the farmer.

Thailand Agronmist and distributor discuss the health of the soap treated rice.

Vietnam Rice Farmer detects drift of Adjuvant and plant activation.

Miscelleanous Farm Applications

Spray Rates: Freddie discuss the use of Adjuvant spray rates, carrier, timings, ounces per acre of Oats, Wheat, Corn, Soybeans, Cotton, Peanuts

Why Spray Rig Cleaning 1, Where is all this color coming from?

Why Spray Rig Cleaning 2, Where is all this color coming from?

Southern USA Drought Stress Trails: Cotton, Peanuts, Soybeans and Corn
Drought Soybeans Trails
Drought Cotton Trails
Drought Corn Trails
Drought Peanuts Trails

Produce and Hortculture Crops we grown with Soysoap, etc

Produce and Hortculture Crops

IRRI Bangladesh Rice Farmers Found Out: When Pesticides Weren't Used They Got No Pests!

Pests Eliminated when Pesticides Stopped

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Spray Rig Cleaning

If your entire Spray Rig is not clean you can have Chemical Crop Damage or Some Lost Crop Yield. If you contract your spraying and see leaf or plant damage its most likely your contractor did not clean out properly his spray rig. If you dont have a clean rig you can put down the wrong chemicals on your crops. This can kill your crops if not drastically reduce your crop health and yields. Its been reported to us that since major spray companies have started to use this product they have never had to buy a field from chemical damage.

Biobased USA has developed a Nanosoap that has the smallest particle size in the world at 1/2 of 1 nanometer or 6 angstroms. Simply put 6 angstroms is like comparing your pinky finger to the size of the earth. What that means is this molecule size soap can get into places that surfactants, ammonia and existing tank cleaners cant, so you can get crop damage simply put. This product can throughly clean years of accumlated chemicals out of your spray tank, caked chemicals in your pumps, filters, nozzles, and lines. This video is worth watching and listen to the farmer described the product. Farmer dumbfounded and says where did all this color come from, it was years of accumlated chemicals caked in the pumps. Also a side note our Soysoap 2 product has recoved several chemicals damaged field and reversed the damage to give the farmer all time high yields on cotton, soybeans, tomatoes, tobacco and more. One thing we constantly hear from our farmers is this is the most unbeliable spray rig cleaner they have ever used. We have a link to several universitys that state some of the problems with dirty spray rigs.

2013 Spray Tank Cleaner Link

Video 1 of 2, 2 is below

Video 2
Product even cleaned Nu Film 17 sticker off the screens.

Asian Agricultural Practices

Indonesia Agricultural Introduction

Indonesia Agricultural Instructions

Indonesia Agricultural Harvest